Artychoke Cookie and Privacy notice

Artychoke is committed to keeping your data safe and to use it only for what we have been requested to use it for. As keen internet users ourselves, this notice is to assure you that we treat your personal data as we would wish ours to be treated: only as requested, safely and with full access to request deletion of any data we have.

Under the rules of GDPR, you are free to get in touch with us if you have any questions at all, or wish to request us to edit or delete the data we hold. Please just get in touch at

The information we collect may include names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, usernames and other statistical data. We use the data to provide a service to you and for administration purposes only. We only collect this data with your consent and use it with your permission when clearly outlined how we intend to use it.

We never pass your data on to third parties, except where legally required to do so or where it is necessary to provide a service and with your permission. We only keep your data for as long as is needed to provide the services that have been requested, and for tax/legal reasons.

While the Artychoke website uses cookies to collect statistical data on how visitors use our site, we do not trace personal data via statistical packages, and all information is used anonymously and aggregated to show behaviour trends. You are able to delete cookies from your browser settings.

Our website links to third party websites. We are not responsible for their content or policies. Please check with the individual website’s terms and conditions for their policies.